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Why you should hire a photographer on your next visit to New York

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Today I'm here to share with you all a little more about the value of my profession in the tourism industry, which has grown impressively around the world! When I started working as a photographer here in New York I never imagined that this work would make me so happy! I think it all started in 2009 when I was backpacking through Europe, something I planned and dreamed of since I was 5. For that, I saved money, made reservations, spent sleepless nights planning everything and when I finally got on the plane to the old continent I thought about all the beautiful places that I would see and photograph. But I did not plan this last detail very well. And if I could go back in time and do something different, I would have saved up and invested in photography. I came home with dark photos, unfocused, lifeless and even taken with cell phone, which at the time was an iphone 3. Now imagine my frustration when I look at the pictures I deliver to my clients who go back home to make beautiful albums from their NYC trip and compare with the photos I took using my iphone 3 in Paris!

Of course that even the bad ones are extremely special to me, of course, but the high amount of selfies and low quality pictures are always there,  in the 158,506 selfies I probably took! I wonder what would have happened if I had hired the services of photographers such as Fabiana Maruno in Paris, would I have had my  Blair and Serena moment registered for eternity?! #GossipGirlFeelings!! Anyway, due to  globalization and natural advances, more and more people have had the opportunity to travel to the most amazing places in the world and the idea of hiring a photographer to record such moments has become a priority for many people. I consider myself lucky for having the opportunity to register the trips of so many amazing clients and not just that, to be a part of their special day, weddings, surprise proposals, family trips, honey moons, engagements, personal photo shoots and so on, they all combined make me the happiest photographer here in New York! Since my clients always tell me why they hired my services, I decided to share with you as well! And of course, one day I hope to go back to Paris and finally have my photoshoot with the Eiffel tower right behind me!


1) 2 in 1
The photo shoot is also a type of customized TOUR! Yes, coming to New York  for the first time can be intimidating and you don't wanna miss  the best places, right?  A photo session is a way to see the city though different eyes, with someone who lives there and knows what should or should not be left out of your itinerary! Of course, I mean the photographer,  who can also register that special moment for you in a very unique way! Bye bye selfies where you don't even see what's in the background! 
2) Photos are forever
It may seem the most cliché thing in the world but every trip is an investment. And not always cheap as we would like. So think about it, food, shopping, hotel, all this is temporary, but the photos are indeed eternal. I don't need to say much more, right? The idea of taking home a suitcase full of memories shot artistically is priceless and beautiful! You can use the pictures to decorate all corners of your home and bring back those memories every time you look at them! Not sure if a photo session fits your budget? Planning is key and you would be surprised to know how much it actually costs :)


3 - Saves time
When hiring a photographer whose work you like, you don't have to worry thinking if the the photo will come out good or bad. Asking strangers on the street to take a picture for you is almost always a boring and long process, a frustrating one. Picture this: you stop to ask a stranger if he/she can take a photo for you. You hand the camera to the stranger. You smile at the camera. You get the camera back, smile at the stranger, say thank you, walk away and look at it…to find a horrible picture taken of the floor!! hahaha! Sounds familiar? Then there is the wait to find another kind stranger who might look like a professional so you can repeat the process again! ZZZZZZZZzzzzz A photographer knows the best angle, the best spots, how to do it quickly and move to the next photo.
4-Everyone in the picture!
I'm sorry "selfie stick", but you still can not be compared to a photo artistically taken with all members of your group in it! Families and couples traveling alone know how hard it is to include everyone and still make it a beautiful photograph. A photographer will be there to ensure that nobody is left out!
5 - Makes future moments even more special!
The photos professionally taken on trips are not only reasons to display on Instagram and social networks today! More than that they make future occasions even more special. Sweet 16, weddings and engagement parties for example receive a special touch and leave guests drooling when they see such an incredible scenario in the photos. How about surprise proposals? I love photographing those moments and being a part of such an important day for my clients!
Any doubts that hiring a photographer can be the best investiment during your trip to New York? If you have any questions feel free to contact me through the contact form here on the website or by e-mail: :) Looking forward to shooting you in New York!
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